19 September 2022

Offshore wind under SAO’s scrutiny

National energy security may be at risk because the government administration has not taken sufficient measures to develop offshore wind energy (OWE), according to a report […]
19 September 2022

Optimizing maritime education

A shortage of professionals in the shipping industry is definitely beginning to be observed. In the last 30 years, vocational education that trains professionals for our […]
5 September 2022

Decarbonization full of challenges

Alternative marine fuels are becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion in the maritime industry. Expectations from regulators and a growing number of stakeholders from across […]
17 August 2022

H1 in Containers

In terms of the volume of container transshipments in Polish ports, the first half of this year differs little from the first half of last year. […]
12 August 2022

War fuels the ports

More than 62 million tons were handled by the Polish seaports in the first half of this year. This is an improvement of almost 10% over […]
12 August 2022

Sanctions not perfect, but necessary

As photos of the mass graves from Bucha circulated around the world, it was a matter of time before sanctions against Russia were tightened. On April […]
12 August 2022

Will Ukrainian exports go through Poland?

Ukraine needs to export as much as 20 million tons of grain before this year’s harvest. Due to the blockade of Black Sea ports, the only […]
19 July 2022

Wind is still free

Recent months have brought a rash of information on plans to build more wind farms in Polish Baltic waters. This is not only a result of […]
19 July 2022

Personnel for the Polish offshore

The energy transformation is an opportunity for the Polish economy threatened by an unprecedented increase in the price of conventional energy resources, among others. For the […]
29 June 2022

Time of shipping transformation

– Shipping and the shipping industry are entering an era of transformation – the biggest since containerisation in the 1960s of the 20th c or an […]
29 June 2022

The potential of the Polish offshore industry.

About 2.2 GW of power is currently available in the waters of the Baltic Sea, and according to expert estimates, this could reach as much as […]
27 June 2022

Shipyard flexibility

The shipbuilding and maritime technology industry in Poland has in recent years demonstrated a high degree of manufacturing flexibility due to its ability to adapt quickly […]
After last year's jubilee edition of the Forum organized in the online formula, we are happily returning to the stationary form of the event. The 21st edition will return to the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. This year's program of the event will be based on five main thematic blocks:

- Maritime Technologies
- Maritime Ports
- Maritime Logistics
- Yacht Industries
- Renewable Energy.

During each Forum, panel participants talk about contemporary events and global problems influencing the development of the maritime economy sector, looking for challenges and opportunities in them. This year, the main problem that the maritime industry has to face is the war in Ukraine. Participants of the Ports and Logistics panel will wonder what impact the war in Ukraine will have on the situation of Polish and European ports. They will also discuss the problem of interrupted supply chains caused by Russian aggression. There will also be a very current problem related to renewable energy. Among the topics discussed, there will be topics related to nuclear energy, hydrogen policy and ecological solutions in sea ports. The greatest advantage of the Forum are its participants, who guarantee a high level of discussion every year. The forum is a platform for the exchange of views and opinions, and is also an arena for meetings of industry representatives.

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2022 will be held on October 14. Panelists and guests will meet in the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. Registration for the event is available from August 31. Participation in the Forum is free.

Topics of individual panels and their leaders
Maritime Logistics
“Greenfield investments in Polish sea ports & hinterland in view of container shipping market growth”.
Panel leader
Marek Tarczyński
Sea Ports
"Strategies for the development of Polish seaports."
Panel leader
Piotr Pawłowski
Yachting Industries
“ Yachting industry as business generator”.
Panel leader
Tomasz Chamera
Maritime Technology
“The role and chances for Polish maritime industry in public investments programs”.
Panel leader:
Adam Niklewski
Renewable Energy
„The Balticoffshore wind – a hydrogen hub in Poland?”
Panel leader
Tomasz Pelc


Miecznik as a source of new investments, technology and knowledge transfer and competitive jobs in the region.
- Basic assumptions of the Miecznik program - Cezary Cierzan, MIECZNIK Program Director, PGŻ S.A.
- Planned investments and modernizations in shipyards participating in the program: PGŻ SW i Remontowa Shipbuilding - Paweł Lulewicz, Chairman of the PGŻ SW Sp. z o.o. and Dariusz Jguszewski, Member of the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. Board.
- Examples of technology and knowledge transfer from foreign partners - Babcock International, Thales, MBDA UK.
- Program recruitment needs.
- "Miecznik" - supply chain.

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2022 will be held on October 14, 2022 in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.


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