21 June 2024

Taxation of Polish ports

– Mechanisms to support seaports in Poland in the form of tax exemptions on income earmarked for the construction, expansion and modernization of infrastructure constitute state […]
21 June 2024

Wind from land and sea

Poland can become a European leader in the development of offshore wind energy, making a significant contribution to the European Union’s energy and climate goals. In […]
19 June 2024

Blockade kills logistics companies

Up to 70% drops in turnover were reported by local logistics companies due to the blockade of the EU border with Ukraine by farmers. Entrepreneurs are […]
6 June 2024

Transportation Green Deal

Transportation in the global economy is responsible for about 30% of emissions. Of course, this includes all modes of transportation, including sea and air. It is […]
9 May 2024

Awareness of the Polish flag

Knowledge of the problems of maintaining ships under the Polish flag is not widespread. About half of Poles, regardless of age, place of residence and level […]
5 April 2024

Real safety in a virtual world

According to the Cyber Peace Institute, there were 69 cyber attacks on the Polish transport sector in 2023, representing more than 10% of the total number […]
12 March 2024

Another year of declines

After a year of declines, described by some experts as a normalization after a record-breaking 2021, container terminals at Polish ports once again recorded a decline […]
6 February 2024

Polish Ports Record

The nearly 9% increase in volume, which translated into an additional 12 million tons of cargo at Polish seaports, made it possible to achieve a record […]
5 January 2024

Continued Bulk Increases

For another year in a row, the volume of bulk cargo handling in Polish ports already exceeds the previous year’s full-year volume after 10 months. By […]
13 December 2023

Growing competition for the Baltic Region

For years, it seemed that in the competition for Central European markets, Adriatic ports would not pose a significant threat to those in the North Sea […]
22 November 2023

What will the Polish offshore be like?

Offshore wind energy in Europe faces a number of problems and challenges that will hinder the implementation of such projects. This is beginning to affect Polish […]
7 October 2023

Logistical Kaleidoscope

After the outbreak of the pandemic, in 2020, in a short period of time, freight rates increased many times and the timeliness of schedules dropped to […]
During each Forum, panel participants talk about contemporary events and global problems influencing the development of the maritime economy sector, looking for challenges and opportunities in them. This year, the main problem that the maritime industry has to face is the war in Ukraine. Participants of the Ports and Logistics panel will wonder what impact the war in Ukraine will have on the situation of Polish and European ports. They will also discuss the problem of interrupted supply chains caused by Russian aggression. There will also be a very current problem related to renewable energy. Among the topics discussed, there will be topics related to nuclear energy, hydrogen policy and ecological solutions in sea ports. The greatest advantage of the Forum are its participants, who guarantee a high level of discussion every year. The forum is a platform for the exchange of views and opinions, and is also an arena for meetings of industry representatives.

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2024 will be held on October 14. Panelists and guests will meet in the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. Registration for the event is available from August 31. Participation in the Forum is free.

Topics of individual panels and their leaders
Shipbuilding Industry
Implementation of the Polish Navy development programme
Panel leader:
Commander Bartłomiej Pączek
Sea Ports
Development of Polish ports in light of new legal regulations
Panel leader
Piotr Pawłowski
Maritime Logistics
Maritime logistics in the face of new global and regional challenges in the current decade of the 21st century.
Panel leader
Marek Tarczyński
Renewable Energy
Perspectives and challenges for offshore wind energy
Panel leader
Andrzej Popadiuk
Yachting Business
Technological progress and sustainable development strategies in the aquatic business – economic and geopolitical challenges
Panel leader
Tomasz Chamera

SEMINAR “Cybersecurity in the maritime sector – challenges and threats in 2023”

• Global Threat Landscape 2023 - Cybersecurity threat landscape in the maritime economy.
• Challenges to the cybersecurity of the maritime sector in light of events related to the attack on Ukraine: is Polish maritime infrastructure prepared to fend off attacks by organized crime and agencies of certain countries?
• How to respond to the challenges of a modern cyber battlefield? How to conduct cybersecurity audits in maritime companies? How to build security systems in this type of enterprise? How to build supply chain security?

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2024 will be held on October 14, 2024 in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.


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