leader: Commander Bartłomiej Pączek


Implementation of the Polish Navy development programme

• Perspectives and determinants for the development of the Polish Navy.
• Opportunities and threats to investments in light of the war in Ukraine.
• Assessment of the current state of the Navy and its development scenarios.
• “Miecznik” (Swordfish) programme as the key modernization project for the Polish Navy



Dean of the Faculty of Command and Maritime Operations at the Naval Academy in Gdynia

He led an international team of scientists in the implementation of the CHEMSEA – Chemical Munitions Search and Assessment – project (a project implemented within the framework of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy, co-funded by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 - 2013), where he served as Workpackage Leader and member of the Steering Committee. He also led an international team in the DAIMON – Decision Aid for Munitions Management – project (a project implemented within the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014 - 2020 programme).

He is a popularizer of maritime security and national maritime security issues, serving as scientific editor of the science journals of the Department of Command and Maritime Operations – "Maritime Security Yearbook", and acting within the following community organizations: the Maritime and River League and the Polish Nautological Society.

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