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Maritime economy under scrutiny

The 22nd edition of the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia is coming up on 13 October 2023. Speakers on five thematic panels will focus on analyzing the opportunities and threats associated with the current geopolitical situation. What changes does the new order force in this sector? How does the market react and adapt to the new conditions in Europe and around the world? And how our Polish ports are doing - we will find out in October.

“Another year, the war continues behind our eastern border, changing the order not only in this part of Europe,” says Slawomir Kalicki, leader of the Maritime Economy Forum. “Our speakers, practitioners, connected with the maritime economy sector in the broadest sense will tell how the market reacts to the current transformations and what threats, but also opportunities it brings to our companies. In addition to this, we need to adapt the sector to new requirements to prevent the climate crisis, as well as the energy transformation. The issue of cybersecurity requirements will also be a very interesting topic. We will look at the new supply chains in maritime transportation and consider what role our ports play in it. I cordially invite you to the Forum.”

This year’s program will be based on five main thematic blocks:

  1. Shipbuilding Industry
  2. Sea Ports
  3. Maritime Logistics
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Business in Sailing.

Discussions will focus on the current economic situation, but panelists will also try to identify future directions for the industry and diagnose the challenges facing the maritime economy. Guests of honor at this year’s edition will be Ambassador of the United Kingdom - Anna Clunes and Chief Executive Officer of the National Shipbuilding Office in the UK - Rex Cox.

During the meetings there will be no shortage of references to the current economic situation of Polish ports. How have the ports coped with the new geopolitical situation and the change in the supply chain? What will be ensured by making ports competitive and is cooperation the right play? Where to look for reliable sources of revenue? - this is what we will learn during the panel on seaports.

The hottest topic is the issue of offshore wind, to which a separate panel will be devoted. Offshore wind energy is experiencing rapid growth around the world due to growing global demand for carbon-free energy that supports climate commitments while providing energy independence and security. Poland is facing a great opportunity to be a leader in offshore wind energy in the Baltic and a significant European producer of green energy. There are currently 9 offshore wind farm projects with a total installed capacity of 5.9 GW. By 2040, wind farms in the Polish Baltic Sea could reach 18 GW. Implementation of these plans will ensure the country’s energy independence, cheaper electricity, economic growth, regional development, new jobs, and climate improvement. However, these ambitions may face a number of economic, technological, administrative and personnel difficulties. During the panel, representatives of the offshore wind sector - including executives of first-phase developers - will analyze the opportunities and challenges facing the OWE sector and the Polish energy sector.

Guest speakers on the maritime logistics panel will consider how to manage change amidst the continuing disruption in supply chains. A major challenge is the need to reconstruct them in the face of threats in the economic and financial spheres and with the risk of ongoing military conflicts. Speakers will assess the dynamics of the shipping and container market in 2020-2022, as well as the actions taken by shipping operators in the operational sphere in the supply chain dimension. This panel will also focus on the pricing and investment strategies of shipping operators and their effects on the TSL sector and trade.

We will learn about the status of the Polish Navy’s development program, which we have discussed in the previous editions. The panel will include representatives of the companies implementing the project, who will talk about its challenges and the project’s progress.

Every year we also look at the development of the boating industry. This year, panelists will talk about examples of modern, usable technological solutions implemented in the watercraft industry. We will learn about the importance of the solutions used for the environment. The guests will also provide a perspective of short- and long-term development adapted to the current political and economic situation.

80 percent of the total volume of international trade in goods is carried out by sea routes. This area of the economy has become a cyber battlefield due to its strategic importance, as well as its huge impact on the global economy. This is why the issue of cybersecurity in the sector is so important. How to build security systems in this type of enterprise. Which business areas should be given special emphasis when building a cybersecurity system for seaports and other maritime companies. How to build supply chain security. A separate panel will be devoted to these issues, with the participation of cybersecurity specialists working in the area of critical infrastructure.

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2023 - 13 October - Science and Technology Park


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Organizer: The City of Gdynia and Gdynia Development Agency


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