12 August 2022

Will Ukrainian exports go through Poland?

Ukraine needs to export as much as 20 million tons of grain before this year’s harvest. Due to the blockade of Black Sea ports, the only […]
12 August 2022

Sanctions not perfect, but necessary

As photos of the mass graves from Bucha circulated around the world, it was a matter of time before sanctions against Russia were tightened. On April […]
12 August 2022

War fuels the ports

More than 62 million tons were handled by the Polish seaports in the first half of this year. This is an improvement of almost 10% over […]
17 August 2022

H1 in Containers

In terms of the volume of container transshipments in Polish ports, the first half of this year differs little from the first half of last year. […]
5 September 2022

Decarbonization full of challenges

Alternative marine fuels are becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion in the maritime industry. Expectations from regulators and a growing number of stakeholders from across […]
19 September 2022

Optimizing maritime education

A shortage of professionals in the shipping industry is definitely beginning to be observed. In the last 30 years, vocational education that trains professionals for our […]
19 September 2022

Offshore wind under SAO’s scrutiny

National energy security may be at risk because the government administration has not taken sufficient measures to develop offshore wind energy (OWE), according to a report […]
19 June 2023

Logistical decarbonization

Poland’s automobile transport is only at the beginning of its journey toward going green, while rail transport is already moving toward hydrogen and magnetic rail. Will […]
19 June 2023

The war in Ukraine and supply chains

For more than 3 years, practically continuously, disruptions in the sphere of supply chains are occurring with greater or lesser intensity in various regions of the […]
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