12 March 2024

Another year of declines

After a year of declines, described by some experts as a normalization after a record-breaking 2021, container terminals at Polish ports once again recorded a decline […]
6 February 2024

Polish Ports Record

The nearly 9% increase in volume, which translated into an additional 12 million tons of cargo at Polish seaports, made it possible to achieve a record […]
5 January 2024

Continued Bulk Increases

For another year in a row, the volume of bulk cargo handling in Polish ports already exceeds the previous year’s full-year volume after 10 months. By […]
13 December 2023

Growing competition for the Baltic Region

For years, it seemed that in the competition for Central European markets, Adriatic ports would not pose a significant threat to those in the North Sea […]
22 November 2023

What will the Polish offshore be like?

Offshore wind energy in Europe faces a number of problems and challenges that will hinder the implementation of such projects. This is beginning to affect Polish […]
7 October 2023

Logistical Kaleidoscope

After the outbreak of the pandemic, in 2020, in a short period of time, freight rates increased many times and the timeliness of schedules dropped to […]
6 October 2023

On the Baltic Port Market

In recent months, the operation of Baltic seaports has been heavily influenced by the geopolitical situation in Europe, as well as affected by global economic trends. […]
29 September 2023

Bring transport back to rivers

Inland waterway transport has been in decline in Poland for many years. The most recent statistics from the Statistics Poland for 2022 indicate that the share […]
29 September 2023

Modern technology industry

European shipyards recorded a 42% increase in new orders in 2022. They signed 99 contracts compared to 69 contracts concluded the year before. This growth is […]
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