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About the Forum

The Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia is created in close co-operation with maritime circles, academic institutions and numerous business partners. This is a guarantee that the discussed issues will concern most current problems, taking into account key phenomena that affect world economy and directions of the Polish economy’s development.

The Maritime Industry is intrinisically the most important area of Gdynia’s economy. Nowadays, the strength of this area of the economy is determined by innovation and continuous development, whereas the growing importance of maritime industries for Poland requires that we undertake intensive and joint action.

The Maritime Economy Forum is considered as the most important meeting in Poland for practitioners and experts operating in the maritime sector. For many years, the attention of this body of renowned trade specialists connected to the maritime economy has been focused on Gdynia. Over 600 guests, over 30 speakers, including representatives of all the biggest ports in Poland as well as managers and owners of maritime industry enterprises. This forum is the best opportunity to discuss the most current issues and develop solutions that will take into account the interests of businessmen to the greatest possible extent and enable the dynamic growth of maritime economy. At the same time, it is an opportunity to establish good relations, form conclusions and present achievements that build Poland’s international brand.

The joing session and four thematic panels at this year’s Forum in Gdynia, i.e. “Maritime Industries”, “Seaports”, “Maritime Logistics” and “Ship Management”, guarantee a constructive discussion and the diagnosis of industry-related challenges faced by the sector.

Our intention is also to effectively engage the younger generation and present professional opportunities in the maritime industry. To this end, we cooperate with academic science clubs by organizing events accompanying trips to maritime industry companies for pupils from secondary schools as well as a film contest and an additional seminar devoted to “Shoreward tourism”.