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Workshops and Events

  • “Innovations from the sea” exhibition

    One of the events accompanying this year’s Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia is an exhibition entitled “Innovations from the sea”, making projects implemented by Pomeranian entrepreneurs known. It presents selected projects which may be considered as Polish “flagships” confirming that domestic companies representing marine industry successfully manufacture innovative products on the international scale.

     Some of the projects presented are, in one hundred percent, a part of Polish engineering solutions, foreign know-how forms the basis for some of them, and some come down to execution of “instructions” from abroad by Polish firms. However, it is worth emphasizing here that many branches of maritime economy are so revolutionary today that domestic sub-contractors are required to represent a very high level of technological progress and organization of work.

    Implementation of innovative projects by Polish enterprises from the maritime economy sector is reflected in increase of the entire local environment’s potential connected with the sector. From the perspective of regions such as Pomerania its well functioning is absolutely crucial, and it is significant that it plays the invaluable role in educating staff. Pomeranian shipyards offer increasingly specialist as well as better and better paid jobs guaranteeing permanent employment, gaining experience and opportunity for professional development.

    The well functioning sector which is gaining impetus along with each subsequent highly technological project also builds the global brand of Pomerania in marine industry. Ferries which sail all over the world with innovative LNG drive, exclusive yachts or winches used in the most modern container ships in the world prove that in the global game we do not have to be regarded “only” as an assembly plant at all.


  • Study visits

    Study visits to maritime companies are targeted at students in the final year of middle school, who are preparing to choose their high school. The visits are designed to show students the work opportunities in the maritime sector and generate interest in this specific field of study.

    The maritime industry in the Tri-city is growing rapidly, guaranteeing stable employment and opportunities for professional and individual development. Nowadays, it is not just shipyards and handling terminals, but also offices developing technologies applied at sea and logistic and freight forwarding companies. There are also companies managing fleets of ship owners from all around the world and classification and certification associations that increase the safety of working conditions at sea.

    During the event, a group of middle school students observed work at the following companies: DNV GL, STAL Complex, CRIST S.A. and BCT Baltic Container Terminal. The students also received information about specialist schools in Gdynia where they can become specialists in the maritime industry.

  • "NIEPODŁEGŁA MORSKA" exhibition

    "NIEPODLEGŁA MORSKA" is an unique photography exhibition prepared by the Port of Gdynia, illustrating the construction of the first Polish port which, as a result of the decision made by the government of the inter-war “Second Polish Republic”, became a window onto the world for the independent Poland. The port was built thanks to the hard work of the Polish nation and became an economic pillar of the Second Republic.

    The fathers of the Second Polish Republic, headed by Władysław Grabski, were aware that Polish independence was not only a matter of creating strong state institutions that would be able to conduct reforms, especially involving the currency, but also the necessity to rebuild the economy.
    Thanks to the enormous effort of the whole nation, the country was rebuilt from ruins; the window to the world was opened by constructing the port in Gdynia, which meant transforming
    a fishing and agricultural village into an ambitious and rapidly developing town. During the first 20 years of independence, the foundations were laid for the development of Polish industry and actions were undertaken with the goal of transforming an agriculturally-based country into a developed economy with a strong currency.

    The Gdynia Port Authority feels especially responsible for the continuation of the great achievement that was the construction of the port in Gdynia, a window onto the world inseparable from the idea of a free state.

    “‘The Father of Gdynia’, Deputy Prime Minister Kwiatkowski, along with hundreds and thousands of his co-workers, may be proud of their achievement, starting from engineers, architects, and ending with ordinary workers, who thanks to a joint effort built this living monument to Polish strength and energy (...) The zeal and enthusiasm with which the port was built, and which also affected us foreign experts, is proven by the wonderful work record established in 1928, which hasn’t been beaten since. During one year, 5 km of breakwater and pier were built.” (excerpt from a conversation with Danish engineer Knut Hojgaard, working on the construction of the port, Kurier Czerwony, 1937)

    Through the presentation of the Niepodległa Morska exhibition, which consists of photographs from the 1920s and 1930s illustrating a journey in time, we would like to make people aware of the achievement of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, engineer Tadeusz Wenda and Władysław Grabski.

    The exhibition is held by the Port of Gdynia Authority.