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What is the condition of Polish maritime sector industry?

What is the condition of Polish maritime sector industry? How to maintain optimistic prospects for the shipbuilding industry? What makes companies from the sector competitive on global markets?

Present condition of the shipbuilding industry in Poland can be summarized in short: “secure and well-paid jobs, innovative solutions, development and increasing market share”. Companies which are most successful in the sector today are private ones, including private industrial groups operating without public aid or state subsidies. However, large industrial groups owe their position mainly to the involvement and strength of smaller entities and institutions and without them, they would not be able to be so spectacularly successful.

Therefore the basic massage of the Maritime Industries panel during the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2015 is to highlight that “The Sector’s Strength Lies Not Only in Large Companies”. To make this message reach social consciousness is becoming the need of the hour and the aim of the Maritime Economy Panel.

The leader of the Maritime Industries Panel will be Mr. Jerzy Czuczman, President of the Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers KORAB, Director/Secretary General at Association of Polish Maritime Industries Forum Okrętowe, and the following specialists will take part in the discussion:


Robert Ruszkowski – Vice-president of the Board, Vistal Gdynia S.A, 

Jadwiga Sztelwander  - Director, Deltamarin,

Stanisław Szultka – Managing Director for Enterprise and Innovation Research Area, IBnGr,

Dariusz Rudziński – President of the Board, Polski Rejestr Statków S.A /Polish Register of Shipping/,

Janusz Kozak, Ph. D., Eng., Gdansk University of Technology Associate Professor – Gdansk University of Technology.   


Currently, the Association of Polish Maritime Industries Forum Okrętowe owns five shipyards and app. 50 companies manufacturing equipment for new ships. As Jerzy Czuczman - Director/Secretary General of the Association – said in the interview for Wprost magazine – “the strongest feature of the sector, when looking from the angle of global competitiveness, is that we have managed to find our market niches”. We are world-class specialists in designing and building highly specialist units with ecological propulsion, and even in spite of the slowdown in the oil and gas sector, which is closely interconnected with the shipbuilding industry, the companies are doing very well.