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Shipyard Capacity

The Polish offshore industry comprises not only companies manufacturing steel structures, but also shipyards. Their contracts are dominated by orders for specialist auxiliary, service vessels, as well as drilling platform renovations. Remontowa Holding remains the leader in this scope. Its subsidiary, Remontowa Shipbuilding, built 5 PSV vessels for Siem Offshore, a Norwegian shipowner. These are the first LNG-fueled ships of this type, built entirely in Poland. Ultimately, they will serve for the Norske Shell oil field in the North Sea. A Cable Lay Vessel (CLV) intended for servicing underwater cables was also built for the same shipowner. The Siem Aimery vessel of approx. 100 M EUR in total value will be working in the North Sea. The vessel was equipped with state of the art navigation systems, including the DP2 dynamic positioning system and Diesel-electric drive.

In turn, in the beginning of 2016, the Shiprepair Yard Nauta in Gdynia launched a partially equipped hull (approx. 70%) of the Esvagt Njord vessel used for serving wind farms. The vessel was forwarded to the Norwegian Havyard Ship Technology shipyard, which completed its construction. The vessel will be used to service and perform maintenance of wind farms at the shores of Great Britain.

Nauta has also performed a class renovation of Lotos Petrobaltic – the Lotos concern prospecting platform, and was involved in the reconstruction of the Petrobaltic platform. The vessel will be adapted to crude oil and gas extraction and separation. Furthermore, the shipyard ramp launched a partially equipped hull of a vessel intended for servicing GloMar Wave wind farms, commissioned by the Dutch group GloMar, or the hull of a PSV vessel for the Norwegian Siem Offshore shipowner – Siem Symphony. Partially equipped, the ship was commissioned by the Hellesøy Verft shipyard from Norway, where it was completed.

In turn, the Gdynia Crist shipyard built partially equipped Offshore Service Vessels (OSVs) for servicing wind farms for the German Bernhard Schulte shipowner. The vessels will be swimming for Siemens.

Earlier, Crist earned its fame by applying innovative solutions in the construction of offshore vessels. The shipyard built 3 technologically-advanced vessels for the construction and service of offshore wind farms: Thor, Innovation and Vidar for the German concern Hochtief Solutions AG.

Crist gained its reliable repute by building offshore vessel hulls for recipients in Germany and Norway, such as the Ceona Amazon pipeline laying vessels, for the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven AG, or the hull block of a large OCV – Island Venture – built for the Norwegian Ulstein shipyard.

One of the Forum panels will be devoted to the subject of the shipyard industry.


Photography: Przemek Kozłowski