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Pomeranian smart specializations

The smart specialization concept is based on the assumption that thanks to concentration of knowledge resources and their focus on a limited number of priority economic activities countries and regions will gain and maintain the competitive advantage in the economy. With such a policy, regions can benefit from the economy of scale, effect of extending the market offer and indirect effects connected with creation and use of knowledge, which is of large importance to productivity. The smart specializations strategy provides for the orientation of innovations, scientific research and development works towards subject areas of the higher economic potential of region, which as a consequence will contribute to building its competitive advantage in the country and abroad.

With regard to the Pomeranian voivodeship, economic issues, including cooperation of administration with business and higher education institutions, have been included in the Regional Strategic Programme within the scope of economic growth - “Pomeranian Creativity Port”. It also performs the role of the Regional Innovation Strategy within which “Offshore, port and logistic technologies” have been considered as Smart Specializations of Pomerania within the scope of maritime economy. They are among 4 areas described as smart specializations of the region.

With regard to offshore, port and logistic technologies, 22 projects were reported in total, of which finally 6 applications with total value of PLN 40 million were chosen to be co-financed. Partnership projects implemented in cooperation with e.g. Zarząd Morskiego Portu Gdynia SA [Port of Gdynia Authority Joint Stock Company], Gdynia Maritime University, Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences are in the vast majority.

As regards the West Pomeranian voivodeship, it has determined 8 regional smart specializations. Entities running activities in the area of maritime economy will find their place, inter alia, in 3 specializations: Large-size water and land structures, Advanced metal products or Multimodal transport and logistics. The region has also taken part in the process of identification of the 20th National Smart Specialization “Innovative maritime technologies within the scope of specialist floating units, maritime and offshore structures and logistics based on maritime and inland transport”.

A considerable part of the Regional Operational Programme for West Pomeranian Voivodeship 2014-2020 in the area of support for entrepreneurs is dedicated only to regional smart specializations. This accounts for over EUR 137 million, i.e. more than a half of resources allocated for direct support of enterprises through investments in research and development as well as raising of companies’ competitiveness.

The issue of innovation in maritime industry will be discussed during the Maritime Industries panel at the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2017.

Article developed in cooperation with  "Namiary na Morze i Handel" magazine.

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