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Management from Poland

What can encourage foreign ship owners to move the management of their fleet to Poland? – asks the Polish Ship Managers Association, and presents all advantages of such choice.

Above all, Poland has a large group of highly-qualified, experienced, and versatile specialists who work all around the world. Regardless of whether they are employed as managers, or work in technical departments, or directly at sea, they are very good and trustworthy professionals. They will all look forward to coming back to Poland if there are appropriate opportunities to use their experience and expertise in establishing new ship management companies.
Renowned classification societies that are present in Poland, such as DNV GL, Lloyd's Register, ABS, RINA, Bureau Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register Shipping, together with the Maritime Academies in Gdynia and Szczecin support those changes and therefore contribute constantly to the increase of the level of education of seamen in our country.

Moreover, Poland still has an unexploited potential with regard to specialists necessary to assist in ship management. We have one of the greatest number of university graduates who are well-educated in financial, legal, accounting, and IT services and could find employment in companies dealing with ship management.
Additionally, the ship-building industry in Poland develops very fast. We are 2nd in Europe and 5th in the world with regard to the values of contracts for renovation of ships and construction of new units. Finally, ship equipment manufacturers and their repair workshops and research and development facilities are located all over Tricity and Szczecin. It facilitates fast flow of information and exchange of experience, which significantly reduces the response time concerning various events that occur in ship management.
Not to mention that the offer of Polish companies is considerably more cost-efficient. It is estimated that the costs are two times lower than in the rest of the OECD states, without harm to economic performance or security standards.
As far as the advantages of ship management from Poland is concerned, another aspect has to be mentioned, namely location. Pomerania is located only an hour by plane (a direct flight) from the seats of the largest ship owners in Europe. It means that if they chose Tricity as the centre of management of their fleet, they would be able to directly supervise the activities of ship managers.
What is more, Tricity offers numerous attractions regarding the work–life balance. Combining traditional architecture with a modern approach to recreation, sport, leisure, and cultural life, as well as the unique Hanse atmosphere, it is a place where everyone can feel at home.

One of the panels at the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2017 shall be dedicated to ship management.

Article developed in cooperation with  "Namiary na Morze i Handel" magazine.

phot. Tadeusz Urbaniak/ZMPG-a S.A

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