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Giants become stronger

When it comes to leaders in the ranking of container shipowners in the world, nothing has changed in 2017. Three operators have been on the top for years, and those leaders only have been bolstering their position. This arises from a report prepared by Alphaliner agency entitled “Top 100” from January this year. However, it cannot be excluded that the consolidation process in the container industry may bring some changes in power structure in 2018.

The leader of the group is still Maersk Line, and the share of the Danish shipowner in this market, in comparison to previous year, has grown from 15.7% to 19.5%, which is undoubtedly a result of completion of takeover process concerning German enterprise Hamburg Süd, the share of which in the market amounted to 2.9%. Two remaining places are still taken up by: MSC with the share of 14.7%, which means an increase by 0.9% in relation to 2017 and CMA CGM with the result of 11.6%, which noted a leap by 1.1%.

Places after the podium changed only a little, but there is some reshuffling visible. First and foremost, shipowners who thanks to consolidation in the container transport market became part of other operators’ structure lost their position among leaders of the industry. It concerns Hamburg Süd or UASC. The merger of the biggest Chinese shipowners: COSCO and China Shipping means that COSCO Shipping is now still placed 4th, with the share of 8.4%, which is an increase in relation to previous year by 0.4%. And the German company Hapag-Lloyd advanced to 5th place, when after a merger with CSAV and finalisation of merger with UASC last year, it has a market share at the level of 7.2%, that is by 2.5% higher than in 2017. It is worth reminding that at the beginning of previous year UASC’s share amounted to 2.6%. Evergreen is just behind it, the share of which remains unchanged at the level of 4.9%. OOCL advanced to 7th place with the result of 3.3% (increase by 0.6% and moving up from 9th place)

Further places in the first “10” are taken up by: Yang Ming with the share of 2.8% (without changes in relation to the beginning of previous year), MOL with the share of 2.6% (increase by 0.2% and moving up from 11th place) and NYK Line with the share of 2.6% (increase by 0.2% and moving up from 12th place).

Taking into account changes occurring on the container market, we may soon expect more reshuffling. Japanese shipowners: NYK Line, MOL and K Line decided to join their container sectors into one joint company. Its activity began on 1st April this year. It has the transport capacity at the level of 1.5 million TEU and 6.8% of share, which gives it 6th place in the market. Moreover, COSCO, in mid-July this year, took over the ship owner from Hong Kong - OOCL. The transaction means that the Chinese operator will become the world's number 3, with a 11.7% share, pushing CMA CGM off the podium.
In total, 6,054 ships were in use at the beginning of the previous year, of a capacity of over 21.64 million TEU and deadweight tonnage of over 265.4 million t. This means that during a year the container fleet was increased by 57 units, and its transport capacity grew by almost 1 million TEU. At the beginning of January this year, 99 ships were not in use, an they had the capacity of 377,800.00 TEU, while in the previous year it was 351 units, with capacity of 950,000.00 TEU.

Container transport shall be one of the subjects of the Maritime Logistics panel during the Maritime Economy Forum 2018.

Article developed in cooperation with "Namiary na Morze i Handel" magazine.

Phot. source: Namiary na Morze i Handel magazine

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