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Future Development of the Port of Gdynia

The directions of future development for the Port of Gdynia are charted in its development strategy which was adopted at the General Meeting of Shareholders in August 2014. The actions are planned until the year 2027. By that time – according to the assumptions included in the document – the Port of Gdynia is supposed to become a universal multimodal port, a logistics transport hub of the North-West corridor capable of creating competitive advantages. The same vision also determines the mission of the port, which has been defined as consistent activities aimed at providing conditions which would support sustainable development of the port’s service sector through the development of its infrastructure, provision of efficient accessibility for transport purposes, supporting good market practices, attention to the interest of its social environment and maintaining highest safety and environmental protection standards.


The question is how to put the plan in practice? The four fundamental priorities for the Port of Gdynia development are meant to help here. First of all, what has been deemed particularly important is to maintain its universal character and future sustainable development within the three most important cargo markets: container, ro-ro (including ferries) and mass. This is because diversification of cargo handling methods improves attractiveness of a port’s offer and reduces its dependency on economic fluctuations on other markets. Secondly, the strategy stresses the need to release the modern capability of the port, which shall not be possible without expanding its administrative boundaries. The present, limited area of the port is viewed as one of the obstructions to its development. The third priority according to the strategy is to gain full transport accessibility to the port, this being a prerequisite for the development of a multimodal logistics platform. An increase in accessibility means an increase in the port’s competitiveness, it will also enable creating good connections on the economic, educational and scientific as well as social plane. The last priority is a neighbourhood friendly port. It is because the elements necessary for reinforcing the market position of Gdynia port include maintaining a strong brand, best standards of cooperation with stakeholders and striving after the implementation of most modern solutions in the field of safety, environmental protection, exchange of information and removing administrative barriers.


The development strategy for the Port of Gdynia will be one of the subjects discussed during the Seaports Panel at this year’s Maritime Economy Forum. We are looking forward to your participation!



fot. P. Kozłowski.