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Projects of the ports of the future


Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. (ZMPG) has initiated a procedure aiming at selecting a private partner for the project entitled “Construction of the Outer Port in the Port of Gdynia”. The procedure is conducted in the form of a competitive dialog. As emphasized by the authorities of the port, it is the most optimum form of the execution of the tender provided for in the Public Procurement Law and the Act on Public-Private Partnership for large infrastructural projects.

At a subsequent stage of the procedure, a maximum of 5 entities (or their consortia) will be selected from among all entries, with which negotiations will be conducted in the form of a competitive dialog. As part of the negotiations, ZMPG will provide the participants with a collection of documents, such as an assessment of effectiveness, a feasibility study, environmental analyses, and multi-business concepts. The competitive dialog is to result in submitting tenders for the construction of the Outer Port, from among which the authorities of the Port of Gdynia will choose the most advantageous one. A public-private partnership contract for designing, constructing, and operating the new terminal will be signed with the winner. The deadline for submitting applications for being allowed to participate in the qualification procedure is scheduled for 15 January 2021.

Simultaneously, the arrangements between ZMPG and the authorities of the City of Gdynia related to the details of the Red Road are at the final stage. Furthermore, the investment currently implemented by PKP PLK in the territory of the Gdynia Port station, the value of which is PLN 1.53 billion, ensures a reserve of tracks for the purpose of the Outer Port.

A constant increase in the volume of transshipment and good forecasts for the upcoming years constitute a strong argument for the development of the port in Gdynia. Over the last 3 years, the value of the projects implemented or initiated in the Port of Gdynia exceeds PLN 1 billion. The Outer Port, which is currently being implemented, is a strategic investment. We wish to continue pursuing the vision created by Tadeusz Wenda and Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, according to which the Port of Gdynia may be a generator of the economic development of the country in the upcoming decades, says Adam Meller, President of ZMPG.

The deepwater Outer Port is to be built on the existing Silesian Quay, on an artificial land going beyond the existing protective breakwater. Its construction is necessary due to the increasing market competition as well as forecasts with regard to the demand for the transshipment of containers in Polish sea ports, which is expected to increase up to approx. 9.5 million TEU in 2050. The Outer Port as a pier being a sea area incorporated into the land will increase the area of the port by 151 ha and the transshipment capacity by 2.5 million TEU. The aim of its construction is to make it possible to serve ocean-going container ships which are up to 430 m long (up to 490 m in a longer perspective), up to 60 m wide (up to approx. 70 m in a longer perspective) and whose draft is up to 15.5 m.

Previously, invitations to participate in negotiations related to the execution of deepwater port projects have been sent by Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. and Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority S.A. (ZMPSiŚ). A tender procedure, which aims at selecting tenants of the territories of the Central Port, has been launched in Gdańsk. In this case, plots for lease will only be created when the sea area is incorporated into land, where new terminals are to be constructed. However, ZMPG wishes to know now how large an interest in this project is and who would be able to operate on new territories. The Central Port planned by ZMPG is to cover approx. 1.4 thousand ha of the sea area as well as 410 ha of the area incorporated into land. The project includes the construction of 9 terminals, including 2 container ones, offshore, LNG, a passenger one as well as a shipyard area. This is the equivalent of 19 km of quays in total. As part of the project, 4 swinging areas, 3 approach fairways as well as 8.5 km of breakwaters are to be constructed. The construction in its target form covered by the concept is to cost approx. PLN 12 billion.

On the other hand, ZMPSiŚ has launched a tender for concluding a preliminary contract obligating to conclude a final contract for using the future land property, which will be constructed as a result of incorporating the sea area into land for the benefit of the container terminal in Świnoujście. Such a contract may also refer to the use of the existing properties related to the area of the planned terminal and directly adjacent to it. The terminal is to handle the largest container units which may operate on the Baltic Sea. The quays will be able to accommodate 2 units at the same time, one which is 400 m long and the other one which is up to 200 m long. Handling capacity is to be at the level of 1.5 million TEU annually.

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