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Supervision over Wind Energy


 The more and more dynamically growing offshore wind farm sector needs appropriate regulations that will establish the rules for its operations in each stage. Like in the case of ships, proper regulations are developed by classification societies that also oversee how these regulations are followed. Recently, the group of classificators with their own rules prepared as regards this area has been joined by Polish Register of Shipping as it published its own regulations at the end of September. It is even more understandable if we take into account that according to experts, the Baltic Sea will become the world’s second largest wind farm location until 2030 with a significant slice of the Baltic cake going to Polish investments. The planned installation of over 4.6 GW of capacity until 2030 will make our country one of the biggest players in the European marine renewable energy sector. This is the first such publication pertaining to our country.

In its strategy for the years 2019-2011, PRS has defined offshore wind farms as one of the most important new directions to be developed. As part of implementation of this strategy, the company has started to prepare the staff meant to supervise, later on, the investment projects carried out in line with the set regulations. The requirements of the regulations prepared by PRS will apply to all stages of planning and carrying out of OWF projects as well as to decommissioning and recycling.

PRS supervisory activities aim at ensuring safe operation of wind farms through verification and confirmation of the compliance of their infrastructure and technical condition with the classificator’s and legal requirements applicable to a given area. A very important issue addressed by these regulations is safety, the management of which is determined by the specific character of a given stage - whether it is design, transport and installation or operation. All OWF components delivered to the place of installation, necessary for farms’ proper and safe work, must have certificates of compliance issued by PRS or by certification bodies.

Representatives of the society explain that one of the assumptions for developing relevant regulations was to make them very flexible - not preventing the use of various technologies, allowing new, innovative solutions. Another assumption was to make PRS publication universal enough to enable the classificator to use it, in the future, also abroad. The document was drawn up in consultation with interested groups and communities, to name for instance developers preparing for investment projects or contractors that will participate in the process. Finally, it was approved by PRS Technical Board comprising, among others, scientific community representatives. The prepared regulations contain both requirements and guidelines for potential investors, designers, component manufacturers and users. The publication is also meant to support public authorities. Many Polish companies are already present in the marine wind energy sector, however abroad. PRS hopes to facilitate the task for those who want to build this market in Poland. 

Article developed with "Namiary na Morze i Handel" magazine


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