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The latest contract signed at the end of March 2019 between Mostostal Pomorze SA and the Norwegian company Aker Solutions includes the prefabrication of over
120 tons of the steel structure along with the installation of devices, piping and compliance tests. It concerns the delivery of the section of the offshore infrastructure element called Northern Lights Subsea Facilities – Early Well.

Northern Lights is the name of the project related to capturing and storing of CO2 under the seabed. The project was initiated by Equinor (formely Statoil), together with such partners as Shell and Total. Its purpose is to develop the warehouse capable of storing CO2, obtained from various industrial sources, including from Norwegian civil engineering facilities, such as Fortum Oslo Varme waste management facility or Noercem cement plant in Brevik, in such a way as to lower emissions in the atmosphere. It will be situated near the largest Norwegian gas field called Troll, located in the North Sea, about 80 km from the Norwegian city of Bergen.

This is another project in the Troll field in which the Gdansk company is involved. At the beginning of 2019, the contract for the expansion of the one of the 3 platforms operating there was finalized. The works performed by Mostostal Pomorze include the prefabrication of approx. 200 t of the steel structure divided into 3 sections constituting the platform bases, as well as the execution and installation of supports and equipment. Thanks to the expansion, the extraction will continue until 2050.

The company is also involved in the modernization project of the Mongstad RHP rafinery. As part of the contract concluded in mid-March 2018, the company has to prefabricate 4 steel modules with a total weight of 500 t, along with railing and stairs. The scope of works also includes the execution and installation of pipe supports, electrical brackets and equipment supports. The rafinery in Mongstad, near Bergen, is the largest plant of this type in Norway. Jointly run by Equinor and Shell, it is able to process approx. 200,000 barrels of oil a day.

Mostostal Pomorze is also involved in the works for the Johan Sverdrup Riser Platform project, one of the largest oil fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the North Sea, 140 km west of Stavanger. Under the contract signed in September 2018, Kværner commissioned the Gdansk company to manufacture steel structure components for 2 platform modules, approx. 400 t each. The implementation of the project, including also full anti-corrosion protection of the modules, is scheduled for January 2020. This is another project implemented by Mostostal Pomorze in this oil field. In the years 2016-2017, the company completed 2 contracts: Johan Sverdrup Living Quarter, i.e. the prefabrication of approx. 4,000 t of steel sections of the largest utility and residential module in Norway for K2JV and the prefabrication of over 1,450 t of the module included in the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform for AS Nymo/Statoil.

The company also carefully observes the announcements concerning the development of offshore wind energy in Polish waters. The company is interested in the execution of offshore wind power plant components and transformer stations.

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