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Projects for the Maritime Economy


- Income tax exemption for sailors, construction of the so-called Red Road to the Gdynia Port, and construction of external ports will drive the maritime economy - said Grzegorz Witkowski, deputy minister of maritime economy and inland navigation, referring to 3 bill drafts adopted by the government. According to the minister, the most important thing is amending the Polish natural persons’ income tax act (ustawa o podatku dochodowym od osób fizycznych). It is aimed at granting a tax exemption for sailors who remain at sea for half a year. The draft is step 2 of 3 which are to enable the return of ships under the Polish flag. Step one was the tonnage tax act (ustawa o podatku tonażowym) and step three is to be the act currently being developed by the Chancellery of the President concerning social security for sailors. On the other hand, the external ports act (ustawa o portach zewnętrznych) is to enable further dynamic growth of Polish ports, and the proposed legislation will allow for a quick and simple construction process “especially of the container terminal to the east of the LNG port in Świnoujście, as well as the internal port in Gdynia and external port in Gdańsk”.

However, the most important issue from the perspective of the city and port of Gdynia is the announcement of help in constructing the Red Road, which is to be enabled by the draft of the seaport and harbour act (ustawa o portach i przystaniach morskich) which grants “managements of seaports, i.e. the State Treasury greater control and power over the lands, real estate, and financial management at our ports in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin, and Świnoujście”.

- We cannot have a situation where one of the largest Polish ports is dependent only on the Kwiatkowski Roadway in Gdynia. We have to construct an alternative road to the port, it’s a matter of Polish national interest - said G. Witkowski.

The investment will cost around PLN 1.5 billion in the next 8 years, and construction should commence during the next 2 years.

- We were very glad to learn about the government initiative to take over the responsibility for creating road access to the Gdynia seaport. Building the Red Road is a huge chance for the city. Intensive traffic of heavy-duty trucks on city roads, as we see now, practically paralyses Gdynia for long periods of time. Transferring them to a dedicated road will achieve basic normalcy expected by the citizens and local entrepreneurs - indicates - said Marek Łucyk, Vice-President of Gdynia for development.

Let us point out that in the case of the port of Gdynia, the recommendations of the Supreme Audit Office, following a check-up of the condition of existing infrastructure providing access to the sea ports, both from the sea as well as land, included among others an urgent need for adapting the road infrastructure which accesses the port to the requirements of the TEN-T regulation.

“Considering that work undertaken until the present moment failed to remove the deficiencies in the construction of land infrastructure providing transport accessibility to the port of Gdynia, NIK puts forward a motion to develop and implement solutions which will guarantee an improvement of road transport accessibility to the port of Gdynia” - as quoted from NIK motions put forward to the Prime Minister.


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