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The future of port development

So-called The Red Road is considered the life-line for the Port of Gdynia. Without it the further development of the port would be severely limited. In the meantime its construction hasn’t yet gone beyond the planning stages, as there are ongoing conflicts to determine who is going to build it and who will fund the project. Let us recall that in the case of the port of Gdynia, the recommendations of the Supreme Chamber of Control, following a check-up of the condition of existing infrastructure providing access to the sea ports, both from sea as well as land, included among others, an urgent need for the road infrastructure which accesses the port to comply with the requirements of the ordinance  TEN-T.. „Taking into consideration, that work completed up until the present moment has not removed the deficiencies in the construction of land infrastructure providing transport accessibility to the port of Gdynia, NIK hereby puts forward a motion to develop and implement solutions which will guarantee an improvement of road transport accessibility to the port of Gdynia” - as quoted from the  motions put forward to the Prime Minister.

The questions concerning the Red Road’s significance for the Port of Gdynia, the source of funding for the construction as well the date of its completion were directed at the institutions and bodies which are (or are supposed to be) involved in the project.

-The Red Road is an essential element for further port development . It is supposed to provide land access to the Port of Gdynia  and improve road transport in the region by means of an effective linking of the port with the Bypass of the Tri-City metropoly, and thus with the national roads and motorways network - states Marek Stępa, the plenipotentiary of the Gdynia President for implementation of strategic projects.

According to Michał Kania, the director of the press office at the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, the solutions developed by the department, included in the bill currently under consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers and concerning the changes to the Act on Seaports and Harbours as well as several other acts, envisage the possibility of including the roads that lead to the base ports of the TEN-T network in the national road category and the take- over of duties related to the maintenance and further development of roads servicing the port by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.  Thereby the construction of the Red Road leading to the Gdynia port could become a project funded directly from the national budget - on the same terms and conditions as the road building projects conducted on the other national roads.

The Port of Gdynia Authority emphasizes that the implementation of the Red Road construction is essential  for further Port of Gdynia development, as well as for the Polish economy and the implementation of the integrated transport policy of the European Union. The necessity for providing the TEN-T standards for the ‘last mile’ section, has been confirmed explicitly by the European Commission in a document addressed to the Ministry of Infrastructure.  In the document it has been pointed out that there is a need for at least one effective connection to the Gdynia port through the Gdynia urban node.

- The Red Road should be constructed as soon as possible. Sea Ports constitute points of entry and exit for the land infrastructure of the complex network. The Port of Gdynia is a strategic element for the implementation of the objectives of the trans-European transport network, providing a stimulus for regional development as well as the national economy - we read in the statement sent by the Port of Gdynia Authority.

 Article developed with 'Namiary na Morze i Handel' magazine

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