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Maritime Logistics

What is this maritime logistics? Many associate the term only with the functioning of logistic centres and storehouses and distribution of goods. In fact, the definition of the term is much broader. Maritime logistics deals with planning and supervising effective and prompt flow
of goods, services and information connected with them. What is important, it includes the entire supply chain – from production, through distribution, up to every stage of delivery. From very initial suppliers of components to final recipients of goods.

Maritime logistics comprises all forms of logistics relating to the sea. In the group we can among others find maritime industry and transport, ship and port handling, marine environment protection, trans-shipment or ship transport safety issues. It can also be defined as the flow of goods in land-sea supply chains using traditional methods and essential logistic tools.

Maritime logistics is of particular importance from the point of view of the European Union. Both now and in the subsequent decades sea transport will play a key role on the Old Continent. Already now it is responsible for app. 90 per cent of cargo transportation volume. Moreover, passenger sea transport is also thriving, which provides logistics with new functions to meet.

Maritime logistics sector is facing many challenges today. The most important activities which will enable sustainable development of maritime sector in line with the requirements
of maritime logistics include among others harmonization of maritime transport infrastructure, investments in sea port infrastructure, expansion and reinforcement of EU transport network, harmonization of infrastructure related costs for different types and users of means
of transport or transfer and exchange of information between regions and countries which will favour understanding of national features of maritime logistics.

As you can see, there are many topics to discuss. During the Maritime Logistics Panel we will focus mainly on the development scenarios for Polish sea ports, the issues connected with accumulation of capital in logistic services chain, sea-land integration of the supply chain and the role of ICT development as change trigger in operational processes.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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