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Rozpoczęły sie przygotowania do Forum Gospodarki Morskiej Gdynia 2017

Preparations for the Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2018 have begun at full steam.

It is a custom that the Forum is held on the second Friday of October and as such we recommend you to book 12th October 2018 for this event. On this day, the next, 18th Forum will be held, which for the third time will be fully devoted to maritime economy.

During weeks to come, we will learn the detailed schedule of the event, and we will present to you the profiles of speakers of this year’s edition of the Forum as well as the subjects that will be discussed. We are certain that the prepared discussion panels will be the places of debates concerning the most current issues connected with maritime economy in Poland.

The registration for the event will commence on first days of August, and the participation in the Forum is free of charge.



phot. Agencja Rozwoju Gdyni Sp. z o.o. / P. Kozłowski