Workshops and Events

  • “Innovations from the sea” exhibition

    One of the events accompanying this year’s Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia is an exhibition entitled “Innovations from the sea”, making projects implemented by Pomeranian entrepreneurs known. It presents selected projects which may be considered as Polish “flagships” confirming that domestic companies representing marine industry successfully manufacture innovative products on the international scale.

     Some of the projects presented are, in one hundred percent, a part of Polish engineering solutions, foreign know-how forms the basis for some of them, and some come down to execution of “instructions” from abroad by Polish firms. However, it is worth emphasizing here that many branches of maritime economy are so revolutionary today that domestic sub-contractors are required to represent a very high level of technological progress and organization of work.

    Implementation of innovative projects by Polish enterprises from the maritime economy sector is reflected in increase of the entire local environment’s potential connected with the sector. From the perspective of regions such as Pomerania its well functioning is absolutely crucial, and it is significant that it plays the invaluable role in educating staff. Pomeranian shipyards offer increasingly specialist as well as better and better paid jobs guaranteeing permanent employment, gaining experience and opportunity for professional development.

    The well functioning sector which is gaining impetus along with each subsequent highly technological project also builds the global brand of Pomerania in marine industry. Ferries which sail all over the world with innovative LNG drive, exclusive yachts or winches used in the most modern container ships in the world prove that in the global game we do not have to be regarded “only” as an assembly plant at all.