Sea Ports

Conference Center , Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98,


Leader of the Panel

Krzysztof Szymborski
Chairman of the Port of Gdynia Business Board,
President of the Board of the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in Gdynia,


Krzysztof Szymborski - Chairman of the Port of Gdynia Business Board, President of the Board of the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in Gdynia.

He has been professionally active in the port trade for over 30 years. He has been engaged in the operation of port terminals in Gdansk and Gdynia as well as in the development strategy for the port of Gdynia. Founder member of the European Technology Platform on logistics ALICE at the European Commission. Since2017th the councilor of the National Chamber of Commerce.
In recent years he has managed the BCT container terminal which belongs to the international group ICTSI since 2003. Since 2013 he has chaired the Port of Gdynia Business Board. He is the initiator of numerous activities aimed at the development of the port in Gdynia – its deepening, developing transport infrastructure between the port and its back office facilities, e.g. revitalization of the Coal Trunk-Line Gdynia – Silesia and the construction of the Baltic-Atlantic Corridor. He is active when it comes to improving the port business environment, e.g. streamlining customs clearance or improving fiscal conditions for entrepreneurs providing services for Polish foreign trade, making national and international laws applicable to port activity, development of innovative IT and communication technologies which support logistics and other.



The main theme of this year’s Sea Ports panel will be “The 21st century in ports: innovative technologies at sea and on land”. We will take a look at this issue from both the perspective of the port and the shipping companies that provide port services.

An outlook from the perspective of shipping: the dimensions of contemporary ships; autonomous shipping and the technologies it entails; the need to reduce service time and innovative ICT technologies (blockchain, Big Data, etc.) and increasing numbers of automatic handling devices; the impact of modern, innovative technologies on shipping management and their impact on the natural environment, as well as other benefits derived from them.

Example: MSC GENEVA, a leading container shipper conducting numerous studies of innovative solutions facilitating defect-free and very fast cargo handling in the entire delivery chain, including on ships and in ports. Solutions applied on MSC Geneva will be presented by the Swiss representative of this company.

An outlook from the perspective of the port: growing labor costs and small availability of dockers; container handling automation on the ship and on land as a necessity; pressure on reducing handling time and the resultant innovative approach; data processing and its impact on handling operations; the need to develop Green Port technologies while cutting down on the port’s operating expenses.

Example: Victoria International Container Terminal, Melbourne, Australia. The world’s most automated and technologically advanced port will be presented by its representative.

Following the presentations, all guests will be invited to take part in a discussion, during which the Manager of the largest Polish ports will be asked questions concerning, among others:

  • Measures taken by Polish ports to implement innovative technologies,
  • Services provided to satisfy the most demanding shipowners,
  • Methods of strengthening the competitive advantage of Polish ports with respect to ports in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the context of new technologies.

Krzysztof Szymborski - Chairman of the Port of Gdynia Business Board, President of the Board of the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) in Gdynia


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