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Ship Management Industry in Poland

Dynamically growing Ship Management industry is making its presence more and more noticeable on both Polish and European markets and has an increasing economic and organizational impact on the processes taking place in maritime economy. An example of such organization can be Polish Ship Managers’ Association.

Polish Ship Managers’ Association, the first association of companies specializing in Ship Management, was established in January this year. It represents the interests of Polish ship managers before business entities operating on Polish and international market, and the very idea concerning the need to create such an institution emerged in Gdynia during the 13th edition of the International Economic Forum back in 2013.

The main objective of Polish Ship Managers’ Association is to represent the interests of its members who are engaged in technical management, crew management and risk management on ships which belong to external owners and operators – both in full and partial scope.

At present, Polish Ship Managers’ Association has 13 members who together manage app. 150 ships of total tonnage of over 1.5 million DWT. Dominating types of vessels are: cold storage vessels, bulk carriers, gas carriers and chemical tankers. The vessels managed by the members also include car ferries.

One of long-term goals of the Association is to establish a POMERANIA SHIP MANAGEMENT CENTRE – one of a kind European centre for managing crews and ships which would help develop conditions favouring further development of maritime economy in Poland. 

You can learn more about the goals of Polish Ship Managers’ Association and other aspects of Ship Management industry in Poland during the Ship Management Panel whose leader during this year’s edition of the Forum is going to be Piotr Masny (Seatrans Ship Management Poland sp. z o.o.).  




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